Monday, March 03, 2008

Why My Blog Sucks

There are a number of reasons why my blog sucks. Lets go through them, shall we.

1. I started doing this blog a few years back now. I only did, really, to kill time before my classes would start when I was still in school. I didnt really care about the content, spelling, or punctuation. It was more just a dumping place for stupid ideas.

2. I'm not a journalist. I'm a dude that was bored and decided to put some stupid stuff on the internet. I didnt even do it to be funny, really, though I did think some of the stuff I put up there was funny.

3. I, unlike the other 1,000,000,001 "bloggers" on or anywhere else, dont think that I am soooo smart that I am going to hit you with a bunch of original thoughts on subjects that have been run into the ground. I am not going to change your political views, your religious beliefs, your musical tastes, or anything else that defines who you are as a person. If that is what you came to my site for, if that is what you were expecting, then you are an even bigger idiot than I am. And, frankly, you need to get a freaking life.
If I went to someones blog and judged them as a person, or even judged their site, i would end up feeling really sad. Sad because I would know that I hit rock bottom in my life...that all I had to do was to go to someones blog and leave a stupid fucking comment ANONYMOUSLY putting down that site. WOW, I would feel really sorry for my self. Especiallly if the person's blog I was judging hadn't been updated in way over a year.

4. I simply dont give a shit.

So, to the asshole who left the comment, and any other asshole thats left a shitty comment on someone elses blog, get a life. Really? You got it that good? Really? Can you really tell me something that someone else hasnt in my 31 years of life? Seriously? Were you tapped by some celestial being and given the key to life and all the insight of the world in one go? REally? Wow, now I am wishing that comment wouldn't have been anonymous...Hook me up with some fucking knowledge, broham. Tell me how my views on God are wrong and I am going to hell or that I am stupid for believing in God. Tell me I am wrong for thinking the war is wrong or that I dont even know why I oppose the war. Tell me the music I listen to is stupid and the movies I watch are ddumb. Give me all the answers I have been waiting for my whole life. You clearly have please. Shit, just give me the address to your blog and I will print out your posts, analyse them, and use them as a road map for my life you professional blogger you. You seer. You king of all kings of the blog world. You master of my universe. There are no journalists like you. You know how to fix the Iraq problem. Terrorism. Hunger. Genocide. Global warming. HELP ME! Tell me!

or just get a fucking life dude.


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