Saturday, October 29, 2005

You my dawg!

He is giving you that come hither stare.

he is saying," yeah, bitch. you know you want it. don't you....don't you?"

Anyways, enough of that cute guy and on to this one.

My parents are in Massachusettes ,or as my freinds would call it when I was a kid in Florida, mash-two-tits. This means I am manning the fort...Running the biz. Gotta tell you, it sucks. It sucks having to do all of the thinking for full grown adults. it sucks having to listen to full grown adults tell me something like, "I nevah knew y'al sold dooonuts in here." yes someone actually said this to me. I hate havin to hear pople tell me they want thier money back because ," I came in there three days ago and when i got home i left the donuts in my truck and didnt remmber them until three days later and when i got them they were totally hard." yes someone has actually said this too.

I guess you are going to have complete dumbasses that should have been aborted come in every now and then. i guess what really gets my goat is our employees. i know i know, they make just over minimum you expect rocket scientists? well, i am not rocket scientist. i'm not even that smart, but i have common fucking sense which seems to go out the door when our employees set foot in the store. thier brains shut down or something. dont know. its a bummer. anyways, almost all of the employees hate me because they all know i hate them. they are dumb and i am not so there is going to be friction, duh.

i try to be patient and understanding but is just too hard. and this is why i am back in school and learning something new to do with my life. fuck rednecks. fuck food service. fuck all of that.

fuck, i'm losing my will to type...more later......


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