Monday, December 05, 2005

Paradise City

So, I went to Atlantic City...I didn't die...this may be a bad thing to some of you out there, others may be be glad to hear it. It was a lot of fun. I spent a lot of money that I didn't need to spend but whatever. I needed that kind of nlow out. That kind of release. I t was pretty wild.

I took just over $300 to gamble with. The first night, the first ten minutes I went up almost $100 on the quarter slots. I cashed in those vouchers and had the cash in my felt pretty good. I had a few more Cuba Libres and decided I could win even more...haha...I guess they kinda count on that which is why they keep giving you free drinks as long as you are gambling. Needless to say I lost it all and half of what i came up there with. Guess I got cold.

The next night, I decided to play it safe. We went to the Borgata, which is a sick ass hotle/casino. Depeche Mode was playing upstairs from the casino. When the show was over all the freks came down to the was neat....but we erent doing to well on the slots so we left and went to the Tropicana...

I went down even more.... I lost half of what i saved for that night right away....i decided to just chill for a while.... I got even more loaded and a lot braver and decided to try my luck at the black jack table.... I was kicking ass. i made back what i lost that night for the first half of the night. But then i got a couple of cold hands....lost a lot. drank a lot....then thought i could win it back....haha.... i ended up losing the rest of what i won, what i brought to gamble, and my food/gas money. it was awesome..... i cant wait to go back.

it sux i lost all that money but when looked around at some of the people there, i didnt feel so bad. gambling really is a huge problem in this country. but i guess i would have a gambling problem if i lived in vegas or AC...good times though.



Blogger Ben said...

I heard on the radio about one of these republican scandal guys and his dealings with the Indian casinos,which were described as "money machines generating billions of dollars in revenue a year." "Revenue." It must be a huge problem if people knowingly and willing give over BILLIONS of their hard-earned cash every year just for fun...or is it fun? Is it? IS IT!?!?!?

Happy birthday!

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