Wednesday, August 03, 2005


my wonderful school. i am here now. i wish i had the balls to go in the bathroom and slit my wrists and come out squirting blood into peoples faces. but i don't so i won't. i want to be at home drinking a lowenbreau (spelling) watching baseball or playing my guitar or chillin' with homies smoking pot and blowin' up spots. the craziest thing is - i am at a computer school where six months in i have learned more about computers than i did in the ten years i had one before i came. i fucking hate computers. i think they are ruining us...styx said it best.

the problems plain to see

too much technology

machines to save our lives

machines dehumanize

but what are you gonna do... its fun. i am enjoying learning this stuff, but more importantly, it is fun thinking that i am learning a skill that i will be able to do anywhere in the country. this is my focus. this is what keeps me going and keeps me having a 3.78 GPA....yeah, some of ya are thinking "thats not that great, dickhead." But it is for me. so, now i will go to my class and learn. peace


Blogger amy corinne said...

Shut up with that wrist slitting shit.

5:28 PM  

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