Thursday, July 28, 2005

another day

i have to do enough in a day...why capitilize, spel, or punctuate properly today...i'm tired. it has been hot as hell.....hmmm. i wonder what people mean by as hell. no one has been there and come back so how do they know. if there is someone out there that went and came back - all i want to know is, yeah its hot, but is it humid? i can deal with heat....humidity is what, ok, so yesterday it was 101 degrees here....but the humidity "supposibly" (someone said that to me today) the humidity made it feel like 115 or 210 degrees or something...they are right....humidity does, do sulfur vapors and brimstone and stuff like that make it feel hotter? if so i think i might reconsider the way i am living my life. man, that means no more cradle of filth. i wont be able to start my metal band "bloody pussy" and that means no vehicle for the hit song i wrote "i boned jesus and made him say satan's name." woah, thats fucked up. just so you religious nuts dont hunt me down and burn me at the stake - i was kidding. i believe in and love god and all that and i think he has a sense of humor...i mean why else would he allow george "dubya" bush to live and breathe?

i am at school and pissy. sorry....but you dont have to read this, so eat me. i will call some people, we will get in hooptie, blast the ice cube, and pull a drive by on yer ass biotch. i am down with the 187...beleev dat homey.


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